Monday, August 6, 2012

How to make a major sale every week with an inexpensive video and Webinar membership

How would you like to have me as your newspaper's own, affordable ad sales coach? Every week, I've been walking more than 20 newspapers through the entire sales process for a new high-potential category of prospective advertiser. A new one each week, 52 weeks a year.

The service costs very little ($250 per month) and drives sales fast. For example, a weekly newspaper group sold their very first one (for a chiropractor) for over $25,000.

From planning and conducting the first sales call to creating a fantastic ad strategy to exactly what to say and do in the final presentation--including overcoming objections--you get a new series of category-specific videos each week detailing everything you need to make the sale as well as a PowerPoint and Keynote (for the Mac users out there) file and a great ad example.

After years of being on the road training and helping sell ads for my client newspapers, I've created this live Webinar and video service, showing you the approach I've been discussing in this blog.

I call them "Presentation Packs" and with the incredible workload both ad reps and managers have these days, I'm able to lighten their load and help make a Response Oriented Selling-style sale to a high-potential account with minimal work, every single week. I guarantee a return on your investment or I'll step in and present for you via Web meeting. Here's how it works:

Every week, newspapers who subscribe to this service have access to everything needed to make a serious sale, more than 52 presentation packs per year for only $250 per month per newspaper (plus initial membership fee). Ad categories are chosen based on input by members. Each presentation pack includes:
  • A first sales call video where I discuss the key issues unique to that business category, tips on conducting a successful call, what questions to ask and specific answers that need to be secured to ensure a successful ad strategy and sale.
  • A time-lapse video of me taking the information, applying the logic of the Response Model, and sketching out the ad (so you can explain it to the prospective advertiser).
  • A video of me role-playing the final presentation and overcoming the typical objections associated with the business.
  • A video of me role-playing the Web portion of the presentation (if you'd like to add on a Web recommendation).
  • A video of me showing how to walk the prospective advertiser into the concept of using heavy copy ads or product/price ads, when applicable. 
  • An example ad or ads as an example (or simply have our design team build it if you're a subscriber to our ad production service).
  • A Response Oriented Selling PowerPoint/Keynote file you can drop your ad into and either print out or present using a laptop or mobile device during your presentation.
Contact us for more details at (631) 477-2505 or