Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Free E-book: "The 7 Essential Elements Every Ad Sales Training Initiative Needs to Drive Major Revenue in 2013"

Creating a training program or hiring an outside training firm to help your ad staff sell more in 2013? I've just written a 25-page FREE e-book that explains how to ensure your next initiative will drive some major revenue fast and keep doing so for years--whether you make one yourself or hire someone like me.

I've dedicated much of my life to delivering ad sales training that sticks around long after the trainer has left the building and have learned some tricks that can generate huge amounts of revenue in both the short- and long-term.

Much of them are based on watching the 1,000+ newspapers I've worked with, identifying those that end up driving almost unheard of revenue from my course, and seeing exactly what they're doing differently. Surprisingly enough, the things they do are relatively easy, don't take a whole lot of time and effort, but make a huge difference.

Some you know already, like the need for a great course and trainer. 

But there are other, less obvious ones that’ll really determine the amount of revenue your program will generate and for how long, especially if you use a training company willing to help you every step of the way (which is definitely something we recommend looking for).

These newspapers have figured out that the secret to making any training program drive major revenue is to follow 7 essential steps that are both easy and powerful. 

Each step can make the difference between an initiative bringing in $100,000 total and one bringing in that amount every single month. In fact, some tips that I've recently discovered are so monumental (in the "working the system" and "accountability" areas) that I've decided to do these things for my own clients next year. 

So, I've put these steps together in a free, 25-page e-book to share these secrets. They'll ensure your next training initiative--either your own or one you bring in--is an unprecedented success.

You can view and download the free e-book here: Download 25-page e-book