Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The two biggest roadblocks to selling more newspaper advertising (and they're not where you'd think)

This video is something every ad rep, ad director, and publisher should watch who's trying to drive major revenue this fall.

With all the talk about print being dead, how other forms of advertising are cheaper and more effective, and how businesses are cutting back due to the recession, I thought I'd post a video sharing my thoughts on where I, and many of my clients, believe the two biggest roadblocks to newspaper ad sales are and how to eliminate them.

Too often, ad reps focus their energies trying to overcome the objections being presented to them instead of eliminating the underlying issues that are causing their prospects to believe your newspaper is the problem. The great thing is, if you say and do the right things, it only takes a couple of minutes to eliminate the vast majority of the prospects' objections before they even arise and move from that "vendor" mode they're always trying to keep your ad reps in over to the "partner" mode.

My clients, who swear by this approach, generate major increases in ad sales month after month, year after year--even in this recession--without putting any pressure on the prospective advertiser. In fact, as the video will explain, the ad reps are really just helping the prospect see what they already know.

Call or email me and I'd be happy to get into more specific of how this is done and how it could help your newspaper.